Triple Chocolate Chip Premade Mix

Triple Chocolate Chip Premade Mix


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White Chocolate Chip Premade Mix

Triple Chocolate Chip Premade Mix

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Product Code: Makes 18 - 3" Cookies
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Hmmm ok… You have a few minutes out of your busy schedule to bake. Moms we get that. You prefer the smell of fresh cookies baking in your own oven, driving your family crazy. Great idea, but it’s sooo hard to keep your family out of baby’s cookie jar! 

Jane’s Happy Baby™ makes it easy and simple to bake up your favorite lactation cookie flavor in less than 30 minutes-- in the comfort of your own home. All you need add is water and few perishable ingredients that we can’t ship fresh, to our already proportioned powerhouse of lactation cookie goodness! Remember, after all, raw eggs don’t travel well. Of course, preparation directions come with each package.

One package contains enough mix to make approximately 18 - 3” cookies. Bona Petite!

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