Hey moms are you ready for this? As a mother of three myself, like me, you want the very best for your baby. That means you breastfeed. Do you often find that your little one is left hungry after he or she has drained both breasts? Do you find yourself constantly frustrated with low milk supply and then having to supplement with formula? Trust me, I didn't like it either.

This is what motivated me to find a solution to my low milk supply and at the same time, help busy moms like you and I stay healthy! After researching countless ingredient combinations and successfully identifying where others have fallen short, I've now created a lactation cookie masterpiece!  Now, like me, you can keep the formula where it belongs.in the can!

Moms, I know there are a lot of lactation cookies out there to choose from, however, know this, all lactation cookies are not created equal!! Jane's Happy BabyT lactation cookies is proud to incorporate over 12 natural galactagogue ingredients, including but not limited to almonds, yeast, flax, buckwheat, oats, chia, and organic fenugreek, anise, and fennel in proprietary measure; ingredients already well known to increase breast milk production.

There is an added benefit, they are delicious!  You can easily satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time, keep your baby full of that liquid gold! Like anything you eat, it may take a day or so for the compounds to take effect, but when they do, ohhh boy you'll definitely know it! Many moms have had significant increases even doubling their output!

What I have created takes care of mom and baby! Ingredients such as healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium help moms stay healthy and pass through to baby via breast milk. A mother's strength and health is just as important as baby's. After all, breast milk comes from YOU. Nursing is no time to go uber low fat or skimp on your nutrients. So why not enjoy the sweet treat that you deserve, one that helps your body to stay healthy and also helps to feed your hungry baby!

Eat only 2 cookies on the first day, after dinner preferably, then 1-2 per day thereafter, you can expect a significant breast milk production increase. You can always do trial and error and find out how many cookies you need to eat to give you the results you want based upon your body and metabolism.  There are also many reasons for low milk production, so be sure to check out my breast feeding tips section for more information on how to maximize your production.

I hope you enjoy my cookies and I am happy your baby will benefit too! 

Wishing you all the best from my family to yours!